We aremainly a brokerage loan company offering loans to clients in moments of hardship regardless of the previous credit score of the applicant. We consist of an amazing staff team capable of providing mouthwatering services. Captaincash mission is to offer quality services to all our clients. Captaincash is the real deal for you.

By making use of Captaincash.ca, you can take use and advantage of the contemporary technological advancements and tendencies. For instance, do you realize that very few creditors will do hyperlinking in your online banking?

Bank account linking presents extra peace of mind. Creditors will no longer try to collect payments in case you do not have the cash in your bank account. Linking your mortgage to your bank account allow you to avoid positive costs. These encompass charges and costs associated with failed claims for price or unauthorized overdrafts. Those technologies are cozy. Therefore creditors will handiest be supplied with study-simplest get admission to, to check your statements without making changes.

You may likewise get email and SMS updates with the goal that you never miss a critical reimbursement due date.

Unsecured loans mean you don’t pledge collateral to get help. That can make them more secure than borrowing in opposition to your assets. If you fail to repay an unsecured mortgage, your credit scores will drop but your vehicle gained get repossessed and you received face foreclosures.


  1. Online speculation stage to empower borrowers to draw in banks and financial specialists to recognize and buy advances that meet their venture criteria
  2. Development of credit models for advance endorsements and valuing
  3. Verifying borrower character, financial balance, business and wage
  4. Performing borrower credit looks at and sifting the unfit borrowers
  5. Processing installments from borrowers and sending those installments to the moneylenders who put resources into the advance
  6. Servicing credits, giving client administration to borrowers and endeavoring to gather installments from borrowers who are reprobate or in default
  7. Legal consistency and revealing
  8. Finding new moneylenders and borrowers (showcasing)


At https://captaincash.ca we provide an easy E-transfer method to make all your payments online.

This E-transfer process includes:

  1. Accessing the online bank account and locating the Interactive E-transfer interface.
  2. Transfer the funds usingreceivables@diamondfinancialone.com as recipient
  3. Please use the question “who do I owe”and the answer Captaincash(no capital or spaces).
  4. Fill out the identification form below

WE are a loan company dedicated to finding cash and loans for the clients that have a good or a bad credit. Our team is happy for itself due to their amazing customer service. The mission is meeting and surpassing all your loan needs. Instant loan validation relies upon a secure socket layer (SSL) which encrypts the connection to the borrower so that the private loan information is kept safe and remains confidential. We offer the same encryption to that of banks providing a safe and secure loan process for a faster loan approval.

With our splendid online services, it is very quick and simple to make the payments within a very small period of time and thus access our services easily.