Majoring in conflict resolution doesn’t only provide you with a look into history. It helps connect the beliefs and teachings of historical figures such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr., and others with the present. Also, it is a major that covers many different subjects. You’ll study literature, feminism, international relations, and philosophies of war and peace.

Conflict resolution is a relatively new major. It can open the door to a variety of occupations. You may end up working for the Peace Corps or as a government ambassador. Perhaps you won’t work in government at all – a background in conflict resolution can prepare you for working in a number of real-life situations. It can qualify you for work at a human rights organization or a non-profit company.

Skills Needed for Majoring in Conflict Resolution

In order to choose the right major, you have to consider your skill set and personality type. You should have a sense of optimism for the world and believe that it can be a better place. Open-mindedness is another quality that is a good match. As a conflict resolution major, you will work with people from many backgrounds, and will continue to do so long after you graduate. Being a reader helps too; the curriculum consists of many scholarly works, from which you will have to understand and apply peacemaking theories to situations in real life or as part of an internship.

What Your Degree Program Will Entail

Conflict resolution programs entail a wide variety of activities. There will be lectures outside the class led by guest speakers. You will have to learn about and discuss the philosophical ideas of peacemakers throughout history. Not only will you have to present your own oral reports and participate in group studies and projects, but also engage in role playing activities. These are intended to build your peacemaking skills.

Real-world crises will be studied as well. You’ll study countries where there are ongoing conflicts, based on current events, and apply the theories you learn during intensive discussions. This will benefit you because the practical theories learned can be directly applied. The skills developed will help you become a peacemaker in a variety of situations later.

Work You Can Be Proud Of

Choosing ACU’s master in conflict resolution may reinforce skills you can lean on. It can also lead to work and a career that you find highly rewarding. In your studies, you may even work with a local organization. Nearby human rights organizations may work with college students and interns, and perhaps you may come up with great ideas and solutions they find useful. You can therefore be an asset to others before graduation and provide proof of your abilities early on.

Whether you choose ACU’s program or the one at Sarah Lawrence College, the benefits of a conflict resolution major can resonate in many aspects of your life. It can lead to a rewarding career. You’ll also learn a great deal about how some of the most respected world leaders have resolved major conflicts.