Westminster Tutors have been working since 1934, providing best tuition to their students. They have created their reputation for the tuition service that they provide and still remains their main asset. One of the thing that makes Westminster Tutors so famous is the fact that they have a 1:1 student to teacher ratio. This can only be done by getting the best teachers from the most prestigious universities. These highly qualified teachers can provide the teaching experience to a university student and turn them into the brightest students.

How do they create the perfect match?

A balance is created between the student and the highly experienced teacher so that each student can get the teacher that would make a perfect match for them. For this, the courses that one is taking in their respective universities, what their goals are with respect to the academics and the type of testing approach that would ensure that the best is out brought out of the students are all taken into account as it helps in matching the teacher that can provide all of these.

What Do They Claim?

According to Westminster Tutors, there aren’t any other tutorial colleges or schools that can claim to compete with the tutors that Westminster Tutors has and that has become one of the most attractive features that Westminster Tutors offers to the students in their college.

Most of the teachers are from some of the most prestigious universities. Almost one-third of the teachers are from either Cambridge or Oxford who has either done their graduation or their PhDs from those universities. Nearly all of the teachers have furthered their studies to at least Master’s level.


  • The college is well resourced having Chromebooks and Mac laptops for the students to use. They want to encourage eLearning among their students. Students can also bring their own laptops for use. Wi-Fi would be available throughout the campus for smart studying.
  • For students who like studying in a quiet environment, a study room with a library is provided. Moreover, a Ping-Pong table is present in the recreation room.
  • For a friendly environment between students and teacher, a shared common room is available. In this room, the room has tea and coffee, a microwave, fridge and photocopier that can be used by everyone.
  • Photography A level is being taught with the help of darkrooms and other equipment at David Game College.