At times you may wonder what a travel consultant that is related to schools would have been doing out there? Well you are not wrong, but what will surprise you is that the STC is one of the only school tour operators out there which are recognized internationally. Being masters of their own field, they plan out trips for the younger generation to allow them to become more enthusiastic travelers and to grow into excited individuals.

All About Being Local


The STC strives towards being local and supporting their own local market. In terms of restaurants, accommodations, staff, suppliers, or transport…the STC works with ensuring that their trips and journeys take into account the fact that their own local economy needs to be supported and put forward as much as possible. This shows their commitment to selflessness and supporting the other country while being guests.

Going Wild


The STC sets strong examples by showing the children how important it is to take care of the wild animals out there. While we humans may be privileged, it gives us no right to mistreat or harm any animals. Therefore, the wild animals are kept there, and if any such animals are ever used by the STC, it is ensuring that they are treated with care and love. The animal’s rights are put first and it is made sure that everyone knows this.


Carbon Offset


The STC are well aware of the environment and tend to take care of it. They believe that the biggest carbon footprint is emitted due to flying. So every time they take flights, they pay offset money to environmental organizations to show their concerns.


Moreover, the organization makes sure that along with the children, everyone on trips is well behaved and at their best behavior. The STC has a zero littering policy, resulting in their candidates carrying their own trash until they can get rid of it properly. They also teach the children to use water sensibly and ensure that there is no wastage whatsoever. Finally, a lot of volunteer work and projects take place when it comes to the STC. It’s all about being aware and taking the right actions and decisions to making things happen. Travel right, travel with STC!