Do you want to be a web developer? This career is in high demand when it comes to job opportunities. A web developer, in simple terms, create or update websites. Now you may think that this is easy but you have to think twice. You need be armed with the skills required and know all about the responsibilities of a web developer before you start sending out resumes. If you are, then you know that great offers are in store for you!

If you are starting from scratch, it is advised to take a course or qualification that may be available online. Though qualifications are not important, it is still an edge for you. However, most companies will look for experience. So if you have a degree and experience, then you better update that portfolio religiously to make you on top of their candidate list.

What Are the Importance of Web Development?

Web development makes a website useful and functional. It is not all about how it appears and what you see on the website. It should make the website stand out among other competitors. Without the presence of a good web development, it would have a negative effect on your business.

Important Roles Played By A Web Developer.

    Creating applications for the internet, designing, coding and modifying are the most important roles of a web developer.  The web developer aims to create a site that features user-friendly designs and easy navigation for ease of access. However, his or her daily tasks may vary depending on the developer works for. It can be mainly for clients or in-house for an organization.


               Through the years, web developers that are being hired are not required for any specific qualification. Meaning, anyone can be a web developer, especially in the United Kingdom. Degrees related to the industry is preferred but is not considered as a major factor in recruitment.

    Knowledge and experience are usually the important key factors to be hired by companies in the UK. A thick portfolio full of projects would is more favorable for most employers.

How Much Do They Earn?

             If the Web Developer’s job is as complicated as it sounds, it’s expected that they earn more than other professions do. Right? Well, that still depends on the type of company he works for. The location should also be taken into consideration. For example, if the company is located in the heart of the city, most likely, developers are employed by big companies, therefore, salaries are usually higher. But you also have to consider that if you’re aiming to go up the rank, say from senior to lead developer, it will be faster within a smaller company.

    For Freelance web developers, rates may vary depending on experience and location. According to Tech Cities Job Watch, 2016, contractor rates averages from around £250 to £400 per day in London.


             Companies, big and small, need web development work at some point. Projects you work on when employed in an agency may differ from the ones that you will be given when you are a freelance web developer. Both options give you the chance to grow and to keep on learning new things in the industry.    

Web Developer Career Paths.

            There are two career path options for web developers. The first would be just within the Development role. This would revolve around encoding and further development of skills. The other option is to move into Software Engineering where you tackle less of development and will be trained for more complex, high-level designs

              If you are looking for a Web Development career, take a step closer to your goal. Get your skill-set ready and get Web Developer jobs easily.