The additional day, I was speaking with an revolutionary entrepreneur that had licensed a number of that brand new technology that allows for brief video sequences within actual document magazines. Should you haven’t observed them, they’re quite distinctive and awesome. It’s as though the document comes alive also it plays a fast 10 2nd video. Should you haven’t observed this, why don’t you go on to YouTube and appear up this particular new technology to determine a demo of how everything works. Right now then, it appears to me this technology may be very great for interactive postcards.

Indeed, the postcards might cost more once they were offered, perhaps dollar. 50 much more, but they’d tell a distinctive story. Particularly if they had been personalized, for example, if you had been on vacation you can take a fast video out of your iPhone associated with you strolling across a specific landmark, and after that download which file right into a postcard publishing machine which may print it at that moment. This is actually a whole brand new kiosk kind business, possibly a business, or possibly something offered to particular retailers within tourist places.

Another believed along this particular line found my thoughts while We was brainstorming about this topic is always to send the postcard, a normal postcard that had a good iPhone barcode which may allow your own relatives that you simply sent the postcard in order to, to click that and visit a website which may have a fast video associated with you from that area which symbolized the postcard. This may be done numerous ways, and also you as the actual tourist might take the actual picture in your smart telephone, download it towards the website, and drive the postcard to print which barcode onto the rear.

After just about all, a postcard is a terrific way to say that you have been someplace, but in case your family people and friends can in fact see a person there taking pleasure in yourselves, then which postcard involves life, that could make this 10 occasions better. For this reason I say we want a long term interactive postcard technique, and we want an app for your for all those high-tech wizards who wish to show the planet that we’ve been there, as well as done which. If you want to discuss this with this think tank in a much higher-level, I perform hope you’ll please deliver me a good e-mail.

Indeed, this technologies needs more mental hp to determine and refine the idea, but I’m certain if all of us build this, people may buy this, and the brand new age associated with interactive postcards is going to be ushered within with excellent delight through travelers each near as well as far. Please consider all of this and think onto it.